Seperate CO and Smoke Alerts

Is there anyway to have separate notifications for smoke and CO? I want to be be able to know when I receive a notification which devices are the cause. I do not see any way in these options.

You can include the device name in your text by using %device%, which will be automatically converted to the "triggering" device name. It sounds like that may get you wha you want:

You can't get separate alerts for smoke vs. CO from HSM, it appears, though if that's all you want, you could use the Notifications app or a rule to send whatever text you may want (but you won't get the HSM alert status or the ability to arm/dismarm this monitoring, at least not without more work).

Yeah I forgot about the %device% option, that would help. But there really should be an option for separate notifications for CO and Smoke, since they are two different safety alarms.

Use a temp sensor,
HE says" Smoke alarm went off, house temp is 275 degrees" = fire
Seriously tho, we really should have distinct notifications. I'm guessing z-wave is using a generic "alarm" or "notification" when the detector is activated. So I don't think it's the HE hub. <--wrong
@bcopeland would know for sure

There are separate notifications

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When I go to Smoke and CO I only see one option for text notification, there are not two separate fields for both smoke and CO, unless I am missing something...
Smoke and CO are grouped under the same category in HSM with a single notification type for both audio, text, etc.

Ahhh.. Mobile notifications.. You can use %value% in the text


Okay, that is what I was thinking for a work around. Thanks.

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