Sensor for presence in small area, ideas?

Basically I'm trying to figure out the most reliable way to tell if I'm working at my computer. Fairly handy with arduino so don't necessarily need an off the shelf zigbee/zwave idea. Goal is to know when I'm specifically working. I have a kvm to switch between pcs, work vs personal, i could rig something up to report which kvm mode I'm on, but i need it to know when I'm actually there reliably. I don't love the obvious motion sensor, positioning it to only pick up the desk but not the dog walking under the desk, etc. would be tricky, plus if i stay still it'd report not working. I'd go weight sensor in the chair, but i have a standing desk and would be occasionally not in the chair, plus then I'd need a battery on the chair or a power plug dragging around the chair which sounds terrible. Have a few ideas that should work decently well, but figured I'd see if the community has any thoughts

Do you use a Windows or Mac PC? (ignoring the historical inaccuracies of that question... :slight_smile: )

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Pressure mat in the seat cushion maybe? connected into a z wave/zigbee contact that provides a wired input (such as the Aeotec).

Edit: I just fully read your post so maybe not....

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Pressure mat on the floor, under a chair protector mat so it doesn't get shredded?

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Only reason I ask about the Os is that I have developed a Windows OS - based driver for presence detection.

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I've heard rumours about a program that corporations use to monitor your keyboard/mouse activity while working from home.
Might there be some way to adapt this for use with HE?

ah, probably should have put that in the post -- anything on the PC front is probably a no go. It's a windows laptop (in a dock) but it's issued by a law firm connected via their VPN and locked down very tight security wise. Even if I could get windows to report to hubitat when I'm working, it'd all go through their servers and I don't want to give them any ideas!

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Could you not just use a Zigbee/Z Wave outlet with power monitoring for the monitor and have a rule based around that, adjusting the time for screen off in the laptops power saving settings?

Alternatively if the timing needs to be more precise (don't laugh!) just a switch or contact on the desk at your work position that you open/close, activate when you're at your work position.

There are occasions when the simple manual solution is better than the Heath Robinson alternative!

Here you go - my consultancy invoice is in the post :wink:




I use a Fibaro motion sensor located in the corner of my desk. It is small and inconspicuous and works well. I have the LED disabled so it doesn't bother me.

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