Sensative Comfort Temperature Unit

Hi, I’ve recently moved to Hubitat from ST. I’ve found that the strips multi sensor driver is reporting in Fahrenheit with no available option to change to Celsius. Anyone any ideas for changing this?


Did you set the temperature units in settings-location to c?

Yes - checked that. Also noticed in the event log it was reporting C when I added it and seems to have changed to F since a hub restart today

.. and also found one of my fibaro zw5’s has the same issue

Are those the only devices you're having that issue with? Is it possible that a new configuration command was sent to those, and they're now broadcasting in deg. F? It seems unlikely, but ... might be worth checking.

Just those two - I have another zw5 which had a dead battery when the hub restarted. On putting in a new one it is still reporting in C. I haven’t sent a confit command to either device, but will do so to see if that updates them.

Let me know if that fixes it. I'm assuming they're battery devices, so it may take a while. They may have even had a pending update or something that only started recently...

Thanks - the strip has updated so think that’s the answer ! I expect the zw5 to update at some point.

Thanks for the quick response!