Just an FYI

Got an email from Sengled. Some bulbs including their new BR30 color 20% off with free ship. Not sure how long the sale last.



I don't see that sale on their website. Hence why I asked the question of @ourmessages.

Maybe there was a code in the email, I did not received it and I got bulbs from them.

Exactly my point. If everyone can't benefit from it, then why post about it? LMAO. Why not let the OP, the person who I asked the question to answer instead?

I got the email, no code on it

They are on sale on the webpage, sale ends today

Sorry, I assumed that when I said Sengled. People would have just gone to the Sengled website ( since I didn’t say Amazon, eBay, bestbuy ) or anyplace else. I just went to the website and there it was so I didn’t feel any further information was needed. The sale was for everyone ( as far as I know ) but only applied to certain products. I ordered 18 of the color BR30 as that’s a new product and I have been waiting for them to be available .

I found it eventually. Thanks.
And for everyone's FYI, Sengled actually links to Amazon and Bestbuy where it's the same price.