Sengled RGBW bulb reducing level on toggle?

Has anyone noticed this weird behavior with the Sengled Element Color Plus bulbs when you toggle the device on/off from the dashboard or in devices sometimes the level or brightness will decrease? Overtime it often gets to a point that the bulb will barely illuminate with like 4-9% brightness level. Kind of annoying because then you have to reset it back to 100%.

I'm assuming its the Sengled Element Color Plus Driver as so far switching to the Generic ZigBee RGBW Driver rectified it for me.

It could very well be that driver. I don't know what it's doing under the hood, but I'm pretty sure the "native" on() and off() commands on Sengled are just sharp/instant ons/offs and the dedicated Sengled driver attemps to fake the "fadeout" effect you see on most bulbs with level-change commands instead (again not sure how the Sengleds respond here, but most would respect a duration on setLevel, so that's one possibility, though startLevelChange(down) may also work for off()--all under the hood, so I'm just saying that the under the hood, the driver is likely doing something like this when you send an on/off).

I'll tag @mike.maxwell here since he wrote the Sengled driver and might be interested in seeing if he can replicate this problem or has any other recommendations. My recommendation is: if you don't care to simulate this behavior, keep using the Generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver. There are a few reported oddities with the dedicated Sengled driver (at one point it was considered somewhat experimental; not sure when this changed) that some people have seen, and while I'm not sure that this is one of them, your experience certainly suggests it could also be one of them.

this is mostly correct, these drivers use setLevel(0, rate) for off, but yes, on/off don't use the standard on/off commands

The fade effect on the Sengled LightStrip is really bad looking in fact using the Sengled Element color bulb driver which is the default when you first pair the device with Hubitat. It basically results in the light strip flickering as it fades on or off.

I've noticed that, too. The Light Strip seems to respond poorly to these commands, giving a staggered set of abrupt level changes that appear more like flickering than a gentle fade in/out. The bulbs don't show this as far as I've noticed. (But I still have much better luck with the generic drivers in either case--and even better luck if I just let my Hue Bridge handle my bulbs, which unfortunately it can't do with Sengleds.)

Yes I have better luck with the generic driver myself. It's something that new users might not catch though when setting up the light strip.

@mike.maxwell I am also noticing the strange way this device flickers when controlled through hubitat. Simple on / off commands make it look horrible. It does not do this when controlled directly from the button on the device.

All this time I had chalked it up to being a flaky device, looking closer I do not think so.

Any hope of getting a fix?

Did you try switching to the generic zigbee rgbw driver and hitting configure?

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I had not. But now that you ask I did, and it works beautifully. Thank you.

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