Sengled bulbs not turning off/on consistently

I have a simple automation rule that turns off a group of 4 bulbs when the switch is held. This works fine but the problem is that when turning on some of the bulbs will turn themselves off again. It is not consistent.

Is there a way to check in a group if all are on and if not turn all on?

Do you have any repeaters in your mesh?

No I don't - I only have the Sengled bulbs for zigbee, I will add that the lights do turn on and off (At least some of them) just not consistantly

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That is probably due to lack of zigbee repeaters. I would recommend some sengled outlets positioned around the place. These make great repeaters.

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Also check out Third reality outlets. A 4 pack on Amazon is 30 bucks. That's been the best deal for awhile now. Otherwise if you can find them on Ebay, Iris (discontinued) can be had for less than 10 bucks each, do power monitoring, and are rock solid. They have a terrible shape though. Keep in mind the shape of outlets, Many of them block the second plug even if they look small.

If your not sure what to do with them other than repeaters try plugging in some of those scented oil based air fresheners, you can really extend their life by having them shut off when not home. Will pay for your outlets in no time.


I had this problem and it turned out to be due to using the wrong driver. I'm using the Sengled Element Color Plus driver successfully. I don't remember which one caused them to turn back off - but try a different one - there are several. Switching to this driver instantly fixed the issue for me. Previously, when the lights were turned on, some would turn off immediately , some would stay on, some would turn off a bit later. I was sure the bulbs were defective but it was the driver.

I have created a temp solution by sending an on signal to the lights after a toggle on - I am going to try the repeaters as well.

I've had trouble with level inadvertently being set to a very low value when the lights turn off. This primarily happens with dimmer switches but also to bulbs occasionally.

Suspect it has something to do with the "restore on power loss" capability which gets set too late.. My workaround is to set the level instead of turning on for problematic devices.