sendEvent ... app activity feed

Reading the Smartthings documentation for "sendEvent" there is a number of references to "app activity feed". Does this apply to Hubitat? If so what does it provide/control?


I know displayed is not used by Hubitat. Someone who remembers "classic" SmartThings better than me is probably going to have to add to this explanation, but I recall there was something like a "Recently" tab on the device page (in the mobile app) that's more or less equivalent to Hubitat's "Event" link on the device page (in the admin UI) and this controlled whether this showed up there, likely giving devs a way to hide things end users might not care about. Hubitat displays everything, and I think the ST IDE always did too if you looked at history there. Can't remember what linkText did...

In any case, it sounds like all of these related to that and it's not applicable here.


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