Send notification with HSM

Unable to send a notification to phone when alarm intrusion detected. I have pushover installed and tested. There is a section for text alerts but I want notifications. I tried making a Notification to listen for the alarm siren turned on as switch device. Didn't work. The state was off when the siren was sounding.

The "Text Alerts" option you see covers any kind of text alert, not just SMS--just in case that's what you think of when you see "text" (text messaging). In fact, built-in SMS was discontinued a while back--you'd need something like Twilio for that now--so push notifications are the easiest option. The Hubitat mobile app would be one option for receiving those, but since you have Pushover, that works too (and gives you a few more features).

Here's an example for my water/leak monitoring:


You'd just choose your Pushover device once you click/tap into the "Text Alerts" section. I'm using a custom "notification proxy" app I wrote to route push notifications from one Hubitat device to multiple real-world devices, but if you ignore that it would be more or less the same for you.

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Thanks. I thought it ment SMS. The pushover device is in the Text Alerts list.
It now sends out a notification.

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