Send "Configure" Command

Is it possible to send a Configure to a ZWave device? I have glass break sensors that don't respond to Refresh command - but do respond to Configure (when I push it in the device).

The reason I ask - I am using Device Watchdog and any devices that have not checked in within 24 hours I am trying to send Refresh or other commands to get them to report.

I am also having the same issue with Aeon Sirens - Refresh doesn't work. Off doesn't work. I used Set Volume and that worked - BUT for some annoying reason they occasionally BEEP for 1 second when they get that command.

Yes, using Custom Action in RM.

Sure, Run Custom Action - Custom Action - but then it wants a "Capability" and there is no option for siren.

I did find Tone will allow me to run against the sirens.

You can choose any capability the device supports--anything that will make it show up to select is fine (even a borderline nothing capability like "Actuator"). Siren would certainly work, but don't worry about being too careful there in the future. :slight_smile:

Problem is, Glass Break Sensors do not show up under ANY Capability for Custom Actions.

Also found Refresh() sent to siren ALSO causes the problem where they beep for like a solid 3 seconds then stop. No idea why they are doing that.

@DarellCraighead is your glass break sensor using a custom driver? If so you can just modify the code to add another capability so you can select it in RM.

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If it is using a custom driver, and you don’t want to modify it, perhaps one of the community members would :slight_smile:

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Using built-in driver.