Send commands to Google Home using Hubitat

Is there a way to send voice commands to Google Home using Hubitat? I have devices like wifi power outlets (geeni) and TVs (Samsung) that I would like to have the Rules app control. Basically I want to have Habitat tell my Google Home to hear the command "Turn off the bedroom lamp.", "Turn off the bedroom TV." and "Turn off the livingroom TV.".

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Yes, there is but it requires a separate computer or a Raspberry Pi is always on. However, once setup it’s really reliable and super useful to have in your tool kit.

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I use this all the time. I say hey Google turn on the TV and Bam the TV goes on or hey Google turn on the kitchen lights and Bam the kitchen lights goes on. You just have to have the Google app in habitat and then the Google home app and Link the two together.

in the Google home app in hubitat just select the devices you want to share with Google.

I believe he’s asking about Hubitat to Google Home, not Google Home to Hubitat


If that's the case and really makes no sense to me I would use IFTTT

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IFTTT can be very, VERY slow and also, you cannot issue commands to Google Home, only take inputs from Google Home using IFTTT.

@michaelamos, you should be aware before taking the time to implement GAR, there are limitations on it that are a product of the fact that it uses the Google Assistant SDK for it's implementation. If this is what you're trying to accomplish, then don't bother because you won't be able to do it.

  1. You can't trigger routines.
  2. You can't start/stop/play/pause media on any Google Home device using Assistant relay.
  3. You can't issue broadcasts or TTS to individual devices. (you need the Chromecast Beta or Cast-Web-API community app for that)
  4. You will have limited success using it where you would normally get a response from the assistant. This app depends on the commands.

If you are trying to turn on a light or something like that, it will work perfectly. But Turn off the Bedroom depends on what you are trying to turn off. Is it a Chromecast device or just another smarthome device?

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