Selling C-7: what do I need to do?

I'm selling my C-7 because I do not need it after all.

What do I need to do to make sure it will be useable at the other end, and not have any of my information on it?

I've only powered it up, accessed it via the Android App, paired one device, then shut it down.

When I log in to the web portal, I do not see any registered devices to my account.

Thank you in advance.

Do a full reset, then sell/send back/whatever. More info here:


@bravenel there was stuff on the backend that needed to be done, right?

That's all done when you do a full reset as above.


The buyer just contacted me that he gets an error about the hub still being registered to my hubitat account. I did all of the above and no device was showing on my app.

What else can be done?

Give him the instructions for Full Reset

  1. hub-ip-address:8081/?fullui
  2. Full Reset
  3. Use hub MAC address as password
  4. Hub will power off, wait for red LED

If that doesn't clear it up, he'll have to contact


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I want to report that the buyer and/or Hubitat were able to clear up the original device registration and is running fine.

Thank you for your support!


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