Selling all of my Wall controllers / switches

Hi all - I am selling all of my wall controllers & switches and some rocker plates and frames to go with them. they look super high end (see pics) - if anyone is interested I'v posted them here:

Hi Adam,

Are these battery powered ? And compatible with Hubitat ?


Yep using the driver here:

Hi Adam,

Those look beautiful although sadly not quite the version of beautiful that I'm looking for to match my interior. Given how great your existing switches look I'm curious what on earth your upgrading to especially if your upgrade is to something even more aesthetically pleasing, Maybe it's for functionality reasons though.

Please forgive my curiosity but I'm on the hunt for nice looking wall controls at the moment hence my interest in where you're going next.

Just a note firstly to say that the amazing thing about these is that they don't need to look like I made them look - because they are compatible with pretty much any system 55 frame, and you can get the compatible rocker switches in any matching colour...

Re: What did I upgrade to? - well the thing I upgraded to looks exactly the same (because I like this design) also based on the same system 55 frames and rockers. The thing that I wanted to change was the reliance on batteries. So many Z-Wave & Zigbee devices are designed for retrofitting, and they promise battery life of up to 3 years.. but after adding loads of devices like this to my home I had over 30 devices that were battery powered, so usually at least every 1-2 months I had to replace something. It was just a total pain. So I went through a process recently of wiring in all my battery devices to the mains power with AC/DC transformers. I some cases I had to lay new wiring because I didn't want people to be able to see wires everywhere. However, a lot of these wall switches were on walls with no existing wiring, and the cost and fuss needed to wire these in would have been way over the top. So I moved to a batteryless solution (EnOcean). I had been hoping that Hubitat would support Zigbee green power at some point but @mike.maxwell made it clear that this was not on the roadmap, or at least so far off that its not worth waiting for. So instead I made an OpenHab server on a raspberry pi and modified an existing OpenHab --> Smartthings integration to work with Hubitat and the replaced all the Z-Wave controllers here with EnOcean ones. I've reused the same white glass frames, and just needed to buy aluminium coloured rocker plates that were compatible with the EnOcean innards - so it looks identical to these - although in some cases I've also used a laser engraver to put an icon on the rocker so it's obvious what it does. Just as a side note - the way EnOcean wall switches work is that the very act of pressing the button is what generates the electricity to send the signal with what button was pressed - thats why they don't need batteries.

Long answer!