Sell me on Google Home


On Android, it's native. Google knows who you are (by your voice) and which phone is yours. So if I simple say, "hey Google, where's my phone", my phone will ring (even if on mute). If my wife does the same thing, only her phone will ring. No app needed.


Yep...llike Find my Iphone...but better :wink:




So are you saying that I can create a routine in Google Assistant that will silently pass on the phrase, "Hey Google, Lock my back door" and it will lock my back door without any verbal feedback?

I'm just wondering if this is a way to make google assistant do silent command like Google Assistant Relay can do, but without the need for a node,js server.


I'm not entirely sure what you are asking....and I'm far from a Google Home expert. Alexa is my primary voice assistant and I havent had a chance to really play with GH yet.


What does this mean? I don't think I understand what you mean by this.

#48's tricky to put into words. When @bobbyD mentioned this to me, it confused me and it only made sense when I created a routine myself.

See the routine below. All I have to say is "Hey google, give me a temperature rundown". The routine will respond as if I asked each question one by one in sequence.

Make sense?


Feeling dense.
Where is that menu, I can't seem to find it?


Are you asking where the routines option is?


Makes sense. I just tried it. So two questions. Do you or anyone reading this know if there's a way to make google assistant not respond, but just do the routine?

Does anyone know of a way to trigger a google routine without speaking to Google Assistant?


Not nearly proficient enough to even guess an answer. Sorry. It took me a a minute to navigate Googles endless tabs and setting option to find the screenshot I posted. It's one of the main reasons I havent invested too much time with it yet. Too many ways to get to the same thing while other settings are buried. Not user friendly at all.



Yes, I don't see where the routine options are.


Yeah, the praise for this app baffles me. Both Alexa and Google Assistant apps are terrible.
But at least Google's is fast. The new Alexa app is sooooo sloooowwwwww


I never would have found that.

Thanks again.


Yup...proves my point.
I actually set up that routine a few days ago and it still took me a while to find it again. Adding, deleting devices...even more confusing. I'm sure for someone that's been using GH since the beginning it all makes sense....but someone just starting intuitive.

The Echo app used to be fairly simple...but the last update made it a bit trickier to navigate as well. It made sense to me but I'm sure someone not used to the interface would be a bit intimidated.


I had another more basic misunderstanding - I didn't realize Google Home and Google Assistant were two separate apps. I didn't have a chance of finding it because I was in the wrong app!


Lol....did the same myself a couple times. That's why I added google home to my Smart Home folder on my phone. That way I don't have to think about it.


You can get to it through both apps, but it takes a few more steps in the Google Home app vs the Google Assistant app.

What really still confuses people is that Google Assistant is the voice service platform that Google Home (the smart speaker) uses. It is akin to Alexa (AKA Alexa Voice Services) which is the platform that runs on the Echo smart speakers..


I'm sure it's intuitive to my grandchildren.