Selected wrong driver for device

I accidentally selected the wrong driver for a Zooz ZSE42 leak sensor. The device info now looks like this:

So I switched back to the proper driver and this bad data remains. Interestingly, the leak sensor appears to work properly.

I've tried a reboot of the hub (with and without shutdown) and power cycle of the device and still the wrong info is showing, I have not tried an exclude/include simple becuase it's such a pain to do. Is there a way to clear this old driver settings display?

Switch the driver Type to "Device", and then click Save. The page will then present you with some buttons at the top to delete Attributes and State Variables. Once that is done, change the driver Type back to the correct one, click Save, and then click CONFIGURE. This should result in a cleaned up Device page.


That doesn't seem to work. I have a driver called "Clean Device" but not one called "Device". Selecting all the options then saving did not change anything.

There is always a driver called device, you can't not have it.

You may be looking at the bottom of the list where the user drivers are, instead of at the top part of the list where the inbox system drivers are.


Thanks! That fixed it.