Seems like WeatherFlow is still having issues with SmartThings

I was on the WeatherFlow board this morning and it appears that they have to rethink their integration with SmartThings. I figured this was going to happen once they started to depreciate their legacy development platform for their new SaaS platform. The interesting comment was about Samsung's idea of weather is Indoor only.

WeatherFlow staff guy on there reminds me of the Vera staff on their forum (man I don't miss those days) Repeatedly assuring you (giving you the impression they are actually doing something about it) that they are on it and a "fix" should be imminent, only to wait months with no progress. I remember I went back on a 2-year Vera post with their staff saying IFTTT integration was just around the corner, haven't checked in a year or so but at that last check still no IFTTT integration.

Good thing WeatherFlow works great on Hubitat (and using NodeRed in the mix everything is 100% local)

Motto of the story: Live by the cloud, die by the cloud.

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Motto of the story: Live by the cloud, die by the cloud.
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