Seeking Z-wave or Zigbee device that can monitor multiple switch closures

I have a few gadgets that will close a relay when a condition is met and I would like to monitor those switches in my Hubitat.

I know that I can probably adapt door/window switches to monitor a switch closure but I was hoping that there was a tidier, AC-powered solution made for this purpose.

Any leads?

Look at the ZEN16 by Zooz. I think its new. It has a lot of recently sought after capability.

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Thanks, that is the best thing I have seen so far. For my needs I wish it had twice as many switch sensors and none of the relays... but it may be the best option anyway.

This might be a longshot, but maybe something like (the commercial or DIY version) with whatever hardwired sensors you choose? This is, of course, intended to be at a central location where all the sensors would be run back to (like a traditional security panel would do), but if either that's possible or you wouldn't mind putting the board near the sensors themselves, it sounds do-able. might work for what I am thinking of, but more importantly it looks amazing for its intended purpose... so glad you mentioned it!