Seeking Orbit IRIS hose water timers info

I know its 3/4" but not 100% about the NPT threading -- correction it is NPT

I have one I use during the summer here.


Thanks Scott so both sides are 3/4?

I know I'll definitely have to source adapters as we're BSP over here. Damn I hate differing standards!

Well there is a driver/app for this particular orbit timer which has been discontinued. The new b-hyve which we can get in Australia has no API so drivers can only read but not control. So it's primarily a matter of getting reasonably priced adapters.



Same with needing a/c adaptors. Everyone wants to be unique.



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Actually further research into the esoteric world of tap fittings has revealed that the thread on US garden hose fittings is yet another "standard" called US Garden Hose Thread as opposed to NPT which is for indoor plumbing :unamused:


I contacted Orbit US and they confirmed that the water timers indeed use US GHT threads. Only 1 place locally carries suitable brass (not plastic) adapters that I have found so far. So by the time these things turn up from the US (used) and adapters are purchased it's coming to about the $100 mark. Not entirely sure I'm prepared to cough up that much at this stage TBH.

Edit: Financially it makes a bit more sense to buy a few from the US. Even postage on the local adapters will be cheaper as a result. Perhaps a small group buy at some point?

What are you trying to use these for? They won't work well as whole-house shutoff valves because the timer portion enforces a mandatory shutoff after the timer expires. It is kind of annoying actually.


You could also get a cheap solenoid valve and wire it to a smart outlet using a lamp cord. I did this for a simple watering zone for a small garden has been working for the last 2 summers. Closes on power failure..

I have the orbit timer no longer use it - as @srwhite mentioned the timer thing is annoying. Also I found it to not be as responsive as I would have liked.


I was looking for a garden drip timer. Originally I was going to resurrect a half finished mysensors node attached to a gutted electronic battery timer (essentially just using the solenoid section controlled by a mysensors board.) and using solar power. So just looking to turn on and off at a set schedule and subject to weather conditions. The timer cut off probably won't be an issue (it's a max 240 minutes I believe ?)

Requires running wired power though, something I want to avoid even at low voltage.

I had hit or miss experience with the device which is why I retired it - I think the HE support is better than SmartThings. I just noticed delays and sometimes commands would not work and had to be repeated. Like everything with home automation it could have been a bunch of factors so your mileage may vary... again I think it will work but just a heads up it may be somewhat problematic.

Thanks for that info. At this stage the total cost to get one of these going is quite high so I will see how I go with my home made solution before splurging :grinning:


Last post I swear, just discovered a slew of GHT adapters on thingiverse. Also hose fittings seal using a rubber washer so I'm printing a couple to test at the moment (BSP ones!). Have you guys used this [RELEASE] Simple Irrigation?

Looks like there is a seller on eBay recommended on another HE forum thread but they are out of stock. Anybody know where to get their hands on one of the Orbit Lowes Iris 27087-03?

I have a leaking pool that needs water added... but I need to control it as to not kill my well. Hoping to find one somewhere... if anybody has any suggestions.

I was trying to find more information about the orbit hose timer, so I checked the fcc website.
Thought others might find it interesting.

Main page for the device:

Test report (48 pages, including internal photos):

Other Orbit products:

Did you ever find a source? I’m also looking at smart control of a garden hose connected sprinkler. Open to other ideas for controlling via Hubitat.

I do have a Rachio irrigation system with open zones, so could use a 24V valve. But then I’d have to buy fittings to convert to garden hose.

@dman2306 has done a great job porting (and massively improving on) the smartthings driver for the orbit bhye so now this is a totally viable (and available option) compared to the Lowes which is only available on the used market (if you can find one). Orbit B-hyve

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Ah .. thanks for pointing me in that direction. I knew about Orbit's 24v controllers, but did not know they had a garden hose self-contained version. This is perfect, albeit a little pricey. Adding a 24V valve with fittings for my Rachio to control would be less money, but would entail running wire to it and not be in an enclosure. I will look into the Orbit. Thanks again.

One popped up on ebay and I grabbed it. @rocketwiz, yes it was 27087-03

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Orbit Hose Faucet / Irrigation Timer Zigbee 27087

These have been really reliable for the garden part of my Ag. So much so I wish there was an organized/centralized place for people to advertise their retired smart stuff so that we could find it.

When you have something in service, it's fit for purpose, and you realize (know) they won't last forever ...and you don't have spares....and you know they're sitting out there on a garage shelf, lost in a warehouse corner, junk store, etc.

Or you wish you could tell a manufacturer, "run those again", even though Iris is no longer...there's people that would use these.

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