Seeking help - making the app work/connect (browser does fine)

I’m very excited to be here! I just got my first Hubitat for my first effort with my first smarthome.

The physical hub light is green, and I’m connected via the browser on my phone just fine and I’d say I’m most of the way there, however, the app itself on my phone is saying “no hubs found to claim”

I downloaded the app and to be honest, the directions didn’t seem clear. I created my Hubitat profile, verified it via code, and logged into the browser account using my my email address/password.

I assumed this would then trigger the new app to “find” my new hub but nothing is showing up. I’ve closed the Hubitat app and reopened and it just has one page saying “no hubs found to claim”, it won’t let me navigate anywhere else/no buttons…

What do I need to do?

So you've successfully registered your new hub with a browser and the issue is just registering that mobile app with your hub? Or have you not yet registered your hub with your new account?

On a related note... one best practice that will save you potential aggravation later is to go into your router's DHCP table and reserve the hub's IP. This will prevent the hub from inadvertently getting a different IP in the future.

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Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the app? At this point you don't have much to lose.

If that doesn't work, you probably should start a support ticket by emailing


That worked, thanks (reinstalling the app)

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