Seeking clarity RE: Sylvania, OsRam, Lightify, Sengled A19 bulbs

I've always had a problem with Hubitat and my bulbs. I set my bulbs to dim to a percentage and come on with a motion sensor. Often after coming on, when commanded they don't go off.
I always assumed it was just bugs in code and it would eventually get resolved. Now, 1+ year later it still happens and it's disappointing!
I have learned there is a solution that works. If I command the bulb to go to 100%, then issue the off command, it works every time. If the bulb is below 60%, the problem happens often, 60-99 it happens occassionally, but at 100% never does it get stuck on.

I recently rebuilt my hubitat world in an effort to clean it up - still, I did reuse the older hardware and bulbs. Doing this allowed me to create a very detailed table of the items in my network such as vendor, model, date etc in a spreadsheet.
I have bulbs that get 'stuck' from Sengled, Sylvania, and OSRam. The Sengled bulbs use the Sengled driver, while the Sylvania and OsRam bulbs use 'Generic Zigbee CT (Dev)'. So, to me this means it's not a driver issue but a bulb issue. I bought a Sylvania Gateway as I heard that was a way to update firmware, but I was unable to make this work or solve anything.
I have about 15 of these bulbs. Some are grouped (eg; 3 bulbs over the kitchen table in a single light appliance), some standalone. It happens to all these bulbs, and is random.
I ask for:
Feedback on the vendor(s). Thoughts on best drivers. Recommendations to resolve problem.
Thank you!

some interesting info about the problems I'm having. today, I replaced the OSRAM bulbs (Color Temp and dimmable) with a Dimmable only bulb. turned off and on 45 times and never had a failure to the command. When I set the dimmable bulbs to 5% then turned off, and then turned back on - they would come on, then dim. The 'low' value is 30%. So this bulbs know not to try and come back on at the last setting, rather, they come on at 30%, then dim 1 second later to the last value. Clearly someone somewhere is aware of the problem of comming back on at low dim values. To bad I can't find any Color Temp /dimmable bulbs that are price effective. I spent a lot of time getting the automation of the Lux value from outdoor to reflect the CT value... BTW - the driver the new bulbs use is RGBGenie Micro Dimmer. Just guessing here but I think that the generic drivers I am using are taken from the old ST days and modified. I believe there is a problem in the group driver to device driver. I wish I had the time to test this.