securityKeypad addition enums

The SecurityKeypad capability has the securityKeypad attribute with enums "disarmed", "armed home", "armed away" and "unknown".

Would you be willing to add additional enum values to bring it in line with HSM? Specifically, HSM has armedNight as well as armingHome, armingAway and armingNight that I would like to use with a SecurityKeypad driver I am working on. As a bonus, armed/arming vacation would be nice too but I could use "unknown" or "away" for that as well.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

The published capability is a bit out of date.
You can see a current implementation using the HSM supported attributes and commands in this sample driver

Thanks for that @mike.maxwell.

I see that driver uses "armed night" for the securityKeypad attribute but the Rules Machine does not appear to offer that as a selection for that attribute. Is that just an issue with RM or does this driver simply extend the attribute beyond what RM can utilize?

Would the "arming" enums be reasonable to add? The driver you shared does not appear to have them and RM does not have them as a selection.

Thanks again!

Check this link, has an alternate driver that works with HSM, and might provide some clues for you to build yours


I appreciate the link.

My app/driver already supports HSM integration. The issue I ran into is that HSM has armStatus values that is not in the list of enums for the SecurityKeypad capability's securityKeypad attribute such as armed night and the "arming" values. If I use values that are not valid enums, I can not choose those values in the Rules Machine.



I noticed that the Lock capability lists an enum for the lock attribute "unlocked with timeout" that the Rule Machine does not know and the Dashboard tile for Lock shows as unknown. I would like to use that enum value, but it presents an issue when you can't trigger a rule on it.

This seems to be the same as the "armed night" value for the securityKeypad enum you are using in your driver. RM does not allow you to trigger a rule on it.

Would it be an option to add those values to the enums? Again, I would love it if the "arming" values were added as well to securityKeypad. As an alternative, could RM have a more generic feature on attributes with enums where you could treat them as a string and do free form comparisons on them?

Please do not take any of this as complaining. You guys have done a fantastic job with Hubitat. I have looked at many home automation hubs and Hubitat Elevation is superior.

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