Security sensors and lighting

Hi all. I had a quick look around and couldn't quite find what I was looking for, but I'm relatively sure I've read about it before when I first joined the forum.

Background - I have a few strategically placed motion sensors outside whose states I can see from hubitat, I. E.

To cut down on the predictable false alerts, I'd like to set this up so that motion on the driveway is only detected if, say, both left/right sensor is active at the same time. That's pretty simple to set up via virtual motion sensors and webcore (my preferred tool of choice so far).

This will fire off my floodlight, which I'd like to stay on for x amount of seconds whilst (virtual) motion is still active. But I'd like the light to stay on for x amount of secs after motion stops, then switch off provided there's no motion.

Haven't quite got my head around how to achieve this yet so was wondering if there's an app already, or am I best heading over to the webcore Community to figure out how to write a decent Piston?

I'm sure this is a common thing, so thought it may be best to ask here first. Thanks!

sharptools by @josh

Cheers =)


You can do what you want with the built-in motion/zone app. Go to add built-in app and scroll to the bottom. I have several outside (Hue) motion sensors controlled in zones this way. -Joel

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I agree this sounds like a good use case for the zone motion controller app.

Configure an instance of zone motion controller to combine your two input sensors, and it can create an output virtual motion sensor that only becomes active when both the input sensors are active.

Then you can use the simple automations app to create an automation that turns the lights on when the (virtual) zone motion sensor is triggered, and turns them off x seconds after motion has stopped.

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amazing. took about 2 mins. there are 2 solutions above - cheers all!