Security Issue - Doors unlocking unexpectedly

Ok need some help here. For several months my garage door will open, randomly, when I go into the garage. Doesn’t seem to be a pattern, only seems to happen when I’m in the garage, after turning overhead lights on. But not all the time. Odd but didn’t worry too much about it as it ONLY happens when I’m there.

Now my front door (August lock via ZWave) is randomly unlocking. It appears to be triggered either when a contact sensor open, or when a Lutron switch turns on (which is linked to the contact sensor via an automation) but again, not every time. Managed to copy the log, any clue what’s going on here??

I would probably start by turning on logging for any rule that can unlock the lock. As it appears that something is sending it the unlock command.

Then start doing a bunch of testing with the entry light and other rules.

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It would also help to post screenshots of any rules that involve the garage door and locks.

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That’s the odd thing - ‘Front Door’ isn’t in a lot. Total of 3 dashboards, 3 rules that are only manually triggered (ready for bed, goodbye & I’m front), 1 rule that is a condition, and then Device Monitor ...