Security camera video not working after HE update

I have two types of security cameras. One is an older Smart Home camera (aka Foscam) while the others are ReoLink RL410's.
Both types have been working fine until the last update of the HE code. Now the Foscam camera video no long displays on the dashboard. Nothing in the settings has changed. The three Reolink cameras I have work just fine.
If I use my browser with this code:
the image from the camera displays just fine. If I use exactly the same code in the tile image URL I just get a tile with a black screen.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@gtracy This is what my foscam looks like... It works fine. See if that format works for you (also upgrade to the latest firmware (both web and cam) for the cam I also have refresh set to 1 second

Thanks for the reply.
I did test with your URL but no joy.
Next step is firmware upgrades.

With your browser, open one tab and view your camera. Open a second tab and open your dashboard and see if the camera video is working.
It's possible you have to save the user/password with your browser.

I was checking my setting per Navat604's comments and when I started editing the url from your reply it suddenly started working. Obviously something in the string was corrupted because now the old foscam command is working fine.
Thanks everyone for your help.
Now I can slowly continue with the transition from the old cameras to the new ones.

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