Second Hub/Stick as a Backup - How do you manage it?


That makes sense. Although in my case, I'm only using the HE (thus far) as a controller for my Lutron Caseta and RadioRA 2 systems, so I'm only using apps, not the built in radios, and I do notice when looking at the logs that Rule Machine apps and other types of apps are fairly slow to run. As a simple example, if I make a simple rule to turn on switch 2 when switch 1 turns on, the time between when the Lutron Integration app logs "received switch 1 turned on" and "turning on switch 2" might be 200 ms. Such a simple operation, in my opinion, is something that should take 20 ms, not 200 ms. I'm a developer, so I have a pretty good idea of typical processing speeds of modern systems, and I get that the HE is a very tiny and very low power device, but it's still slower than I expect it to be. I would gladly pay $50 more for a Hubitat hub that was a little larger and had a much faster processor.