Seasonal Rules - not sure how to set this up

I have some rules which configure the set point of my underfloor heating, and this week with the amazing weather (UK based) has reminded me there is little purpose in heating my floors when the windows are open to cool the rooms down.

I would like to create some more complex logic which if the expected weather for the day (based I think on predicted of rain, and/or expected high temperature from a forecast) to prevent the controller turning on the heated floors.

I have had a look at rule manager, but really struggling on how to structure the logic to enable this rule.

My current rules are very simple, time of day trigger, fixed target temperature as action.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.

I think step one is figuring out what weather sources are available to you in the UK. After that the rule machine portion is relatively straightforward though I have also used modes to do it. Here's a couple of examples using my own sensors, mostly humidity and temperature rather than forecast, but the idea is the same... the second rule changes the mode to "cloudy," which is convenient because so many other apps allow you to select different settings based on modes. For instance, my motion apps turn different lights on depending on whether it's cloudy or not. But those are all handled by the various automation apps rather than by RM.

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