Searching for RGBW flood light

I have a need for an outdoor RGBW flood lights for a holiday display that is Hubitat compatible. After extensive searching I can only find WiFi and Bluetooth, not any Z Wave or X bee floods. I have spent several hours trying to intergrate Novostella 6000LM floods with no luck. Anyone have a suggestion for an outdoor flood that will work with Hubitat? Thanks

I have 10 Hue outdoor RGBW flood lights and have them integrated with HE via a Hue hub. Most Hue products will pair directly with HE without the use of the Hue hub and I imagine these would as well. It's definitely fun during holidays to light up the yard with fun colors. Not sure how much my neighbors appreciate it though!

These do not come with motion sensors BTW.

I have a GLEDOPTO RGB+CCT Floodlight, it works just fine over ZigBee.

They have 10W to 400W equivalents according to their website. I got mine from Amazon a few years back (an older model that they no longer appear to sell actually, they have moved to ZigBee 3.0) but the couple I checked are available via AliExpress.

You might have some luck with Govee stuff since is a community-based integration for that.

If it's just for Xmas, look for the BR30 Sylvania Zigbee bulbs. They are discontinued but work fine, especially for a temporary display and aren't high priced like Hue or others. Be careful you don't get the Wifi version, as that's all Sylvania makes now. You only need add a cheap floodlight socket.

Example: I've bought lots from this guy. This listing is for Zigbee. I have extra I could sell, but couldn't even ship them for the price he's selling them for...9.99

PS: I've compared the color rendition of the Sylvania & Hue "can" lights, the Sylvania had deeper colors IMHO and don't suffer from the high speed flicker like Hue, although Hue recently revamped their "can" lights...or at least the box

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