Search related bug on the Edit Device > Events screen

I would like to call out a bug in the Edit Device > Events screen for any device.
If I try to type into the search box to find an event, after the first character, it gives me a pop-up error as shown in the below screen shot.

I was about to post about the same bug before I searched and found your topic. To facilitate searches, here is the error I’m getting (in text instead of image form): “DataTables warning: table id=events-table - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

I see you posted over a month ago but no one has responded. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, is staff aware of this bug and is there a better way for us to submit this?

By the way, I’ve tried with several different browsers and different devices, so I don’t think it’s tied to any particular one of these.

We are aware of the bug. Its nothing to worry about. Just means it tries to sort on a table with no values.

It will be fixed down the road, but is not anything that is considered critical.

Thanks! Obviously a pretty minor bug except that it wasn’t clear to me whether the search/filter was actually working (and this is pretty valuable for looking at the history of devices that are chatty, like motion sensors that also report lux, temperature, battery level, checkin times, etc.).

Yup, the events tables and search are scheduled for some updates, just may not be in the next release.

Looks like there haven't been any recent updates on this bug. Is it something that is still on the backlog to be addressed?

It's still on the list.