Screwed? I hope not

So, with Samsung announcing they're sunsetting Groovy, I'm finally motivated to jump over to Hubitat. I bought a C-5 hub probably two years ago and it's been sitting in a box ever since. Broke it out today only to find it gets stuck at the blue light. Reading through the community threads it sounds like I may have gotten one of the ones with no OS.

Following the FAQ here and going to http::8081/factory/recovery yields a 404. If I go to the home page there are no OS versions listed, either. The setup page says "Unknown status, please try again".

An email to the support address results in an auto-response that says I'll hear nothing. Is there anybody out that who can advise as to how to fix this, or should I just buy a new C-7 hub off AMZN?

Chick Webb

Support is now via, not e-mail, so I might start there -- though since you're probably way out of warranty, I'm not sure what would happen. They may still have something to help.

Have you tried just the plain diagnostic tool to see if that helps? http://your-hub-ip:8081, if you haven't tried that already (the next step in the FAQ you probably saw -- not sure if that's what you meant with "home page" or just the regular interface, which is unlikely to work without a green LED).


I would hope seeing that the hub was never used or registered, that staff would replace as a hardware failure, or at least that's what seems fair to me

Welcome aboard. Send me a PM along with your hub's MAC address, and will see what we can do.


Welcome to the community. That email said they don’t provide support via email anymore but that you can come here for support. And as you can see, staff have provided just that :slight_smile:.

Seems premature to conclude what’s wrong or how staff should resolve the issue to me.


I am not an expert but I do use this forum quite a bit after switching from SmartThings to Hubitat about two years ago.

Unless you have to miss meals for a week to upgrade it appears to me that building a new smart home network including Z-Wave devices with the legacy Z-Wave chip is going to be an unnecessary beating. I vote for splurging on a new hub!


For sure! Beware the sunk cost fallacy...


As above, the sunk cost fallacy!

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Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. And thanks to @bobbyD for the help. Unfortunately, nothing worked and I've submitted a warranty claim. Might be going C-7, after all.

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@erktrek - I was going to read that article, but then I realized that I had already read other articles before that article, and had spent so much time reading the other articles that I could not afford the time to read the new article. So I'm sticking with my original articles to save time. :wink:

@chickwebb - Bobby will take good care of you. He's a man w/powers that the rest of us can only dream of having... :slight_smile:

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and effort.. just not worth it. :rofl:

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