Scope of "Stop Rule Actions"

From the Repeat Action documentation:

Using Stop Rule Actions from either the current rule or another rule, will stop all Repeat Actions, irrespective of which Stop selection is used.

Should this read,

"Using Stop Rule Actions will stop Repeat Actions in the current instance of the rule and any other instance of the rule currently executing."

Or does Stop Rule Actions apply globally and stop ALL actions of ALL rules currently executing?

It's definitely not all rules. It's the rule in which you set it or another rule(s) that you specify.

Under which Action category is 'Stop Rule Actions'? I can't even find it :confused:

@bravenel Has 'Stop Rule Actions' been removed or renamed?

Should be under 'Run/Cancel/Pause Rules'?

I'd like to send an 'stop and exit' command to one rule from another.

There never was such an action. There is Cancel Rule Timers, which before had a different name. Cancel Rule Timers does stop an in progress Repeat. There is no way to cause another rule to exit.

Then why is it listed in the Rule-4.0 documentation?

That is the action that was renamed to Cancel Rule Timers. It was renamed because what it did was the same thing as Cancel Rule Timers, and the name was misleading. All it ever did was stop the same things shown above.

Documentation fixed.

'Stop Rule Actions' is mentioned elsewhere in the Rule-4.0 documentation as well.

Further correction to documentation made.