Schlage Locks Still Don't Work Right (and other Z-Wave gripes)

One other anecdote that Zwave is doesn't appear to be implemented correctly. Anyone with Zooz light switches do this test.

Reboot your hub to where under 'Settings' 'Zwave Details' page lists your devices cleared of "sent" and "received" activity. (If a reboot doesn't clear these, shutdown the hub and pull the power cord for 30 seconds then reboot)

Now pause any rules that automatically operate the Zooz light switches and do not operate them manually. What I've noticed is even after 24 hours you will not see ANY activity time listed "sent" or "received" on these "Zwave Plus" light switches, UNLESS you operate the switches in some digital/physical fashion or run a zwave repair.

How exactly are these "repeating" communication if no activity is logged at all on the Zwave details page?

Repeating is handled at the device level. The hub has nothing to do with it. I would not count on the contents of that table as showing you information relevant for this. (And is there some certification requirement that Z-Wave controllers implement this functionality as suggested? I don't know but was not aware of any.) Is the behavior different if your don't disable apps/rules and forsake digital and physical control? I suspect that is just a distraction from the actual "issue." My experience suggests no: I have a dual Z-Wave smart plug (Inovelli NZW37) that doesn't do power reporting or anything along those lines and therefore only has a reason to do something involving the hub when an on/off event is sent or received (or you do a refresh--which presumably does a BasicGet or something behind the scenes and waits for the report back--but that would not be necessary for any other reason with these devices). I see its last activity was March 5 (today is March 11). I just tried turning it off/on. It works, and the data were updated accordingly. I think this is just how that works.


last sent and received on this page are device commands sent to and received from the device, has nothing to do with routing or the transport layer.

It's usually helpful to us and the community to inquire the meanings of specific items if one doesn't know prior to making operational assumptions...

there isn't...


Other "certified" platforms regularly poll the zwave devices thereby logging activity. Because of this polling if a device has missed a subsequent number of polls it also notifies you of the device is no longer reachable.

Yes the second you activate the device either via a rule being ran, physical, or zwave repair it immediately logs the activity. However if no activity happens you can go days on end with a main's powered repeating device logging nothing.

Incorrect. Polling has nothing to do with certification. This is a method used to get status from older Z-Wave devices and is not necessary with Z-Wave Plus that support "instant status".

Polling depending on the hub and whether it's a local single controller or a scalable remote controller makes a huge difference in polling and so does the frequency. Some (not all) gateways (the software) allow for individual device polling time which makes a huge difference to not spam the network with polling requests.


That's what I would expect if it didn't have anything to report. No sense in generating Z-Wave traffic if there's nothing to actually do.

Anything besides SmartThings and the Device Health "feature" people "love" so much? :slight_smile: If you really wanted to do this, there's nothing stopping you from scheduling a refresh() or something for devices on your own (I wouldn't). If you haven't looked into Device Watchdog or similar apps, they're helpful for figuring out devices that have "fallen off," and you can make multiple child apps to accommodate devices that typically respond at different intervals (some of mine are set to be concerned with hours; some several days).


You mean like blaming the firmware of Schlage locks, when they work fine on other platforms?

That's the apparent sad reality many developers have to create "bandaids" to solve what should have been done with the initial implementation. That's kinda the point here.

How is that related to the issue you mentioned originally? There's no good way for the hub to know if a device has really "fallen off" (see: Device Health on a certain other platform...). Yes, it might be nice if something like this was built-in (maybe not because you do need some degree of knowledge about your devices...), but it's great as a community app and would address this need. But it still won't do anything about the fact that devices don't report activity if there is none.

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You misspelled "the hub" which should have been "this hub" Others do this regularly. Just one example.

Something to note, after the recommendations here to add "Aeotec Range Extender 6's" when those experience "lock" issues. After first install of these you notice the Range Extenders showing a status notification with the devices LED randomly blinking throughout the day. Then you don't seem to notice this anymore all LED notifications go away (showing no activity on this platform) and surprise surprise the lock issues return.

However you put the locks on the other platform, they work without any repeaters for days on end. After a few weeks of this since I already have the range extenders (now) I put them on this other platform as well, and the status LED routinely blinks again when traffic is going through them, and has for weeks (showing activity).

If you are referring to SmartThings as the "other platform" we have had considerable discussion about how that "magic" is performed.

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Nope they work on Vera which is a locally operated platform as well.

Since we know how SmartThings fixed the locks. Do you know how Vera fixed the locks?

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I don't know, but what is known is the end result is they work. One would assume that Vera (and others) contacted Schlage, something this platform still refuses to do. The Hub would need certification first.

@IpostThings If the other platforms do the things you want, work the way you want and support the devices you want, why are you here? You have posted your feelings and experiences. I get it and I think most of us here do. You are unhappy, but you have other choices and obviously have experience with them. I don't understand why anyone would stay with a platform they were unhappy with for whatever reason.
Continued poking at this painful experience for you can't be good for your health. You have to come to grips with the fact that this platform may never be able to fix the issues you are having.


If you don't like my posts why are you commenting to me?

Because the slogan of this platform is "Elevate your environment"

Those creating the motto should know this isn't possible if you can't even get in the front door of "your environment"

THIS issue is not going away no matter how much some wish to ignore it. Zwave locks are one of the most popular items in home automation. Ignoring this and just saying go somewhere else does not provide value to users.

say what?, no ones refusing to contact Schlage, and I personally do not have the time to spend trying to track down the correct person to discuss this with.

And say we did have that engineering contact, They're not going to deny us any details they may have provided other hub manufacturers in the past because we don't have certification currently...

cmon man...


This is contradicting yourself all within the same sentence. After over a year of this issue being present, you "have had time" Just not the priority to do so.

I clearly stated I understood your pain. I also am saying that the problem you are having my never get fixed. You keep bringing it up any chance you get and keep reopening posts over and over again. You you get yourself worked up and this cannot be good for you. I truly am concerned for your health. You need to take a breather. Please.

A very wise man said:
Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, β€œThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


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