Schlage lock issues

Out of the blue, both of my Schlage BE468 locks have stopped responding. I see nothing in the device list that tells me there is an issue. Any suggestions appreciated

First thing that comes to mind is batteries.

Thanks. I thought that too. Rebooted the hub and all is good

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It is my understanding that the Schlage Z-wave locks are pretty finicky when it comes to signal strength. Many people recommend using a Z-wave repeater near the hub and a second Z-wave repeater near the lock for optimal signal strength. If you the problem arises again, adding one or more repeaters might help.

I have one of these Schlage locks on my front door. I just migrated from Smartthings to Hubitat. Getting the door lock paired with Hubitat is one of the things on my to-do list. I have to remember what I did with the programming codes; otherwise I will have to remove the lock from the door to check the sticker on the back of the keypad.


When you pair, make sure you pair the lock and hubitat within 3 feet of eachother. Once they are paired, put them in their final resting places and run a z-wave repair. If for any reason a device (including the lock) fails to pair, stop, check your z-wave table for ghosts, remove ghost if present, factory reset lock (disconnect battery, press schlage button on keypad to discharge caps, press and hold schlage button on keypad while reconnecting battery and wait for the green check mark to flash 3 times before releasing schlage button. Getting your programming codes is no big deal, just the one screw on the inner cover and take a pic of the label put back and tighten screw