Schlage Lock, Honeywell Lynx, & Hubitat

Hi All,

Recently I moved from the Wink system to Hubitat, and am having issues with linking the Schlage lock with the Hubitat system and a Honeywell Lynx system like I was able to with Wink.

Before the merge with Hubitat:

With the Wink system, I added all zwave devices directly to the Wink hub. I then linked the Wink hub to the Honeywell Lynx system where the Wink hub was the primary controller, and the Honeywell Lynx system was the secondary controller. This setup allowed all zwave devices to either be controlled by the Wink system as well as the Honeywell Lynx system. The reason behind this setup was to allow myself to control all zwave devices via Alexa through Wink, or control all zwave devices via the Honeywell Lynx security system. In the end, when I disarmed the Honeywell Lynx system, certain lights would turn on, and the Schlage lock would unlock. When I armed the system, all lights would turn off, and the Schlage lock would lock. This worked well and then Wink pissed me off by going down yet again......

After kicking Wink to the curb and starting with Hubitat:

I purchased the Hubitat C-8 system and excluded all Zwave devices from the Hubitat and Honeywell systems in order to begin fresh. One by one I was able to add all Zwave switches and dimmers to the Hubitat system. This is where things get interesting....I was not able to figure out how to make the hubitat system a primary hub and the Honeywell system a secondary hub. I was able to transfer the lights somehow to the Honeywell system by clicking include zwave devices on the Hubitat, and then going into advance settings in the Honeywell device and then click learn. When I did that, all zwave switches and dimmers were now connected to the Honeywell system and could be controlled by the Honeywell system.

After this success, I then added the Schlage Camelot BE469NX lock to the Hubitat system using S2 security. After many tries I finally got the lock to work with Hubitat and can control the lock with the Hubitat system. In order to tranfser the lock to the Honeywell system, I then click on include zwave device on the Hubitat system, and then click Learn on the Honeywell system. Unfortunately with the lock the timer on the Hubitat system went to zero and the lock only appears to be partially setup on the Honeywell system. The Honeywell system has the lock icon, but it also says that it has not finished being setup.

Does anyone have any experience on how to fully setup the lock with both Hubitat and Honeywell Lynx? Is there a way to perhaps extend the time that Hubitat will search for devices from 90 second to maybe 10 min since it appers to go slow?

I am happy to provide any additional details that may help. Thanks all!

@user5649 I'm wondering if you could create a virtual switch and then expose that switch to the Lynx. That way you can attach the virtual switch to the lock as a control.

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Are you sure that you have a BE469NX, and not a BE469ZP? The BE469NX will not join S2, only S0, because it is not Z-Wave Plus. There are two ways to tell:

  1. Look at the sticker on the lock mounting plate.

  2. On your hub, oped your lock’s Devices page, scroll down to the bottom, look at the inClusters data. If it has a 0x5E, then the lock is Z-Wave Plus (and thus, BE469ZP).

Now, as for making the Lynx be a secondary controller:


I believe what you are trying to do may require use of PC Controller with a USB stick on a Windows computer (or virtual Windows on a Mac).

While I did have 2 BE469NX locks on my C-5, I converted them to BE469ZP by swapping the electronics modules when I upgraded to a C-7, specifically so I could use S2 security on the locks (to make the batteries last 3 times as long).

I’ve never paired a secondary controller to my Hubitat (or Wink - I came from Wink, too, years ago). There are threads in the forum about use of secondary controllers.

The use of a virtual switch to trigger a rule seems good, too, as suggested upthread.

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My bad. Yes the lock is a BE469ZP. Thats what I get for trying to go fast and just looking up the lock on the internet.

So I did try the virtual switch and lock just now. It works with HE but doesnt link over to Honeywell. Not sure if this is because of the lock already being on there or not. When I have a bit of free time, might be worthwhile removing the lock from the system, then seeing if I can transfer a virtual switch. Very much appreciate the thought and will follow up as soon as I am able to try with the lock removed.

Only zwave devices can be controlled by a secondary controller.

Well, one bridge hack you might try, if the upthread options don’t work, would be to pair a real Z-Wave switch/dry-contact relay to the alarm system, or wire an output from your alarm, to a contact sensor paired to the Hubitat. That way, your alarm system could actuate a contact sensor on the Hubitat, which could trigger a rule on Hubitat to do what you want.

I don’t have your alarm, but I do have a Honeywell Vista 15P, which has two programmable Trigger outputs (plus the capability for plug-in relay modules). I’ve never used them, but it seems that they could be wired to a contact sensor n your hub, to provide a trigger for a rule. I know that the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 (and Sensor 7 Pro, I have a bunch of both) contact sensor has a trigger input that can be used instead of the magnetic sensor. You might consider that.

So I did get a work around to work. I changed all the devices to "Generic Z-wave dimmer" or "Generic Z-wave switch". Then I was able to download the zwave polling app, and have the HE poll one of my rarely used switches that generally on turns off when the security system on or off. By creating a 5.1 rule of if the switch turns on, then the door unlocks and visa versa I was able to get the lock to lock or unlock when the system is armed/disarmed. Not a clean work around but at least does the trick in the short term.

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