Schlage Connect Deadbolt - Zigbee Lock

Purchased a Schlage Connect Deadbolt Zigbee Lock. I cannot get it passed the discovery page. This is as far as I get:

There are several threads with members stating they use Schlage Zigbee locks, hopefully I can get this one to work.

do you have any bulbs connected to HE?, if so what brand...

I only have Schlage Z-Wave Locks but in joining a lot of devices last weekend I ran into that on some Zigbee and Z-Wave devices sometimes it would sit there for 15 seconds before resolving the driver to use but other times I'd wait more than 5 minutes and it wouldn't ever continue so I then had to unjoin (Z-Wave) or reset the device then try again. I think I went through that process about 10 times for 1 device (at least 5 of those tries it was within a foot or two of the hub) before it worked. I've seen similar behavior with other hubs as well.

I have no bulbs, the lock is my only Zigbee device. I have lots of GE/Jasco switches/dimmers/outlets and 2 Fibaro water sensors. These are all zwave plus. Since I posted I went to: settings, view Zigbee devices and found the device. I changed the type to: "Generic Zigbee Lock". Still no funtionality. I hit lock the lock does not lock.

Tried removing and adding several times, looks like its working (at least I got the green light on the lock) report back soon

Success!!! At least I am able to lock/unlock from HE. Will try the codes soon. Thanks for the help.

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I am considering the exact same lock in a new house build so I wanted to know how did you go in the end? All good?

I have 4 of these. They work great. Much better than the z-wave verse that I had prior. Super reliable.


Did you do anything special or just wait it out? HE finds it, but doesn't apply the right driver (or any driver really). Using the latest HE as of today.

edit: actually, the generic zigbee lock driver works.. ish. remote control works, but it seems to just lock itself automatically if you let it sit for a minute.

Edit2: I guess the auto lock is independent of the hub, it did it while not connected.

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So far the only issue I'm having with mine is it can take a few seconds for the lock to actuate after I tell it to lock or unlock. Does the zigbee variant do this as well, or are they all like that? I haven't had any issues with disconnection or anything like that, its locks and unlocks on command every single time, though there's also a z-wave light switch (repeater) on the adjoining wall next to the door.

HE isn't able to provision codes to it though, I'm not sure if that is the lock's fault or perhaps I did something wrong somewhere, or if you just plain can't do that from a smart hub. I have the Z-Wave Plus S2 variant of this lock.

This slight delay is because the lock isn't awake all the time. It goes to sleep and wakes every so often to "check-in" if there are any messages for it. That's why z-wave locks require a "beaming repeater" to be in close proximity. These repeaters repeat the message over and over until it is received by the lock. This allows the locks to have much better battery life than they would have otherwise.

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Does zigbee do the same then or is it faster in this regard? I.e. is it awake/listening 24/7?

Similar, in the end same effect, they check their parent for pending messages...

Ah ok. Still not able to set any codes via hubitat though, but I haven't spent a lot of effort troubleshooting it yet; too busy trying to figure out how to integrate a camera system with hubitat, if such a thing is possible.

Great integration with Blue Iris. I use my Blue Iris Cameras to trigger a lot of things in Hubitat. Cancel delayed action based on Change in Rule Truth

I have the Zigbee version and an older non-plus Zwave Lock. Lock Code Manager is setting codes on both locks.

I love this freaking lock. I threw out my August due to constant Z-Wave issues and lag - even with a beaming repeater - and couldn't be happier! Instant status reports, almost instant lock/unlock. Good job Schlage!

Hmm...that only runs on windows doesn't it? Does it complain if it's inside of a hypervisor? Really want to avoid having desktops running 24/7 as they're noisy, and less energy efficient to have multiple of them vs just two VMware hosts in my laundry room. Still need to pick out some cameras too, just trying to have it all planned out before doing so.

Hubitat's strength is that it runs local, there are other hubs available that run on the cloud. Camera systems are similar, for people who chose local opposed to cloud, Blue Iris is the software used. I wouldn't even know what competes with it. I run two HD cameras and I don't need a dedicated computer, just a windows computer running 24/7, put in a 3GB WD Purple drive and I get one month of 24/7 video with a little room to spare. The features and capability of the software is impressive to say the least.

Well, I guess it depends on how you define "the cloud", but this certainly runs entirely within my home network, so you can call it an on-prem cloud. My storage array is also 9TB, fully redundant. Symmetric gig backhaul for those moments that I occasionally decide to view video footage of the house while out and about.

Oh and also 2 hours worth of UPS battery and 4g failover routing in case the bad guys cut the power and fiber :slight_smile: