Schlage BE469NX connectivity issues / unreliable


I’m using reliable locks and my mesh has finally worked out after adding some zwave plus repeaters. Can’t say I have any noticeable issues any longer.


That’s great to hear and gives me hope. I just installed reliable locks and put fresh batteries in along with kicking off a z wave repair. Hopefully this does the trick!


I’d also invest in some zwave plus repeaters. Not regular zwave, but plus. Mine were only zwave which can’t help beaming devices like locks. Aeotec range extender or iris 3210-L seems to help (even if they are right by your hub because the hub could get busy).


What you really need to do is check the Z-Wave Alliance product database and find the specific repeater in question. Z-Wave Plus is actually a bit newer than beaming, so there are some older "classic" Z-Wave devices that do support beaming (though I've chosen to replace all mine with Plus anyway). All new certifications are required to support beaming, but all new certifications have been required to support Z-Wave Plus for a bit longer. So, there's no for-sure way to tell without actually checking.


RE: Z-Wave Beaming Repeaters

From day one, 5 feet to the left of the lock, I have an Inovelli NZW36 Z-Wave Plus Plug In module, that according to the manufacturer supports beaming.

I am using their driver from here: Hubitat/Drivers/inovelli-1-channel-smart-plug-nzw36-w-scene.src at master · InovelliUSA/Hubitat · GitHub

From this master repository:

I have a few of these throughout the house to ensure a strong Z-Wave mesh.

Difficulty Pairing Schlage BE469 Lock

I’m really frustrated. In addition to the Inovelli NZW36 Z-Wave Plus Plug In module 5 feet to the left of the lock, yesterday I added a Zooz Zen15 Z-Wave Plus plug in module 5 feet to the right of the lock. It’s in an unfinished garage so there are no walls or other barriers between the locks and the repeaters on either side.

I installed the Reliable Locks app - and it refreshes the locks every 30 minutes but after a few hours the refreshes will stop for 2 of my 3 locks unknown reasons and I can’t identify any patterns with timing or other rules.

I did a z-wave repair last night. This morning the lock wouldn’t open via Hubitat so I kicked off another repair - watched the logs to ensure all nodes were successfully repaired, including the locks, and they were. Prior to the repair this morning I rebooted the hub, then shut down the hub, then unplugged the hub for 40 seconds and plugged it back in.

These locks worked flawlessly with my Wink without issues for 3 years. These are the only devices on my network that are misbehaving. I really don’t want to spend $600 for 3 new locks, especially ones that were working great on Wink.

Does anyone have any ideas of other things to try?


The ZEN15 docs don't mention support for beaming. They actively monitor this community - perhaps they could weigh in?


It supports beaming, per the zwave conformance statement anyway.


OK, good. I couldn't find any mention of beaming support in the Inovelli docs either.

Do you know - do all Z-WAVE Plus plug in devices support beaming?


I'm not 100% sure if it is a SHALL in the protocol spec or not, I would have to check.

All the zwave plus ones I've ever checked do support it though ...


I just ran a Z-wave repair and my Schlage lock (which is working) does not show up in the Z-wave logs. Mine is the FE-599. I guess it's different. I didn't think battery powered devices would show up in a repair . . .


I was just wondering if I was wasting my time checking on that (beaming capability) for the Plus devices.

In any event, it sounds like the conformance data is a better place to check than the manufacturer's literature - that's good info.


@mike.maxwell are there any plans for a "native" driver for these?


yes, supposedly on is on its way to me...


I keep mentioning it but I have yet to see a response - has anyone with one of the other (NOT FE599) Schlage Locks tried the "hack" that srwhite suggested using the ST driver code? I did it on my FE599 and it seems to have helped considerably. I don't know if anyone has tried it on one of the other lock models - I have no idea whether it will work on the 369/469 but it sure helped the FE599.


Yes, and I may/may not work for others....but that dog didn't hunt for me :cowboy_hat_face: I have 3 of the BE469's also


Re: repair logs and battery devices

I have a simple z-wave contact sensor on the garage door that is battery powered. It has no issues triggering as open or closed and it is the furthest device physically from my hub. When I run a z-wave repair, this contact sensor’s node does not get repaired which makes sense to me.

I did check the logs and when I repaired, all of my locks did have their nodes repaired.


OK, sorry. Glad you tested. I'll stop bringing that up!


That must be another difference in the lock models. Good to know.


I had a BE469 installed for just shy of a year. I just replaced it a week ago with a Kwikset zigbee lock and could not be happier. The 469 paired with my previous 2 hubs (Vera and ST) and my new HE, but it would never properly report its status back on any hub. This meant that none of my lock based rules/automations ever worked 100% of the time. I did try the "hack" and it didn't do anything to help my situation.

I don't know if my 469 was defective or not, but I'm so glad I decided to eat the cost and buy a new zigbee lock.

I know many people have no issues with the 469, but it simply sucked for me.