Schlage BE469

Hi, HE Community and Schlage ZWave Pros!

I have a BE469 lock that was performing as expected. I thought I was done with the device and force removed from the ZWave ecosystem on the HE. Now when I pair it it just comes across as "device" and I cannot seem to communicate with it after the initial pairing. Items I have tried...

  1. Have the lock inches from the hub
  2. Removed from the network re-added multiple times
  3. Factory reset the lock
  4. Unpaired, factory reset lock, rebooted HE and the lock, and paired again

It feels as if there is a corrupted profile on the HE. This is total conjecture on my behalf as I am just now getting my HE legs, however it just seems to take a while to join and is flakey. I have 4 other BE469s, all working perfectly. As you can see below, from my understanding it appears to have joined securely and correctly. Any ideas?


Have you tried changing the device driver to Generic ZWave Lock after it pairs as Device?

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I'd also suggest doing a restart of your HE (through the HE UX) as well to just make sure you are starting off as clean as possible.

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Step 1 check for ghosts. If ghost(s) present do the following:

Disconnect power from lock. Shutdown HE from system menu then unplug power (at the wall) for 5 mins. Power hub back up.

Go to z-wave status page and find ghost. Click remove. If remove button is not present, click refresh a few times and it will eventually show.

Once removed check that there is no presence of previous device on the devices page.

Shut down hub. Disconnect power (at outlet) for 5 mins. Power back up.

Step 2: Reset your lock by holding the schlage button while reattaching power. (you will see the green check flash 3 times to notify you that it is now reset to factory defaults.

Step 3: Initiate pairing procedure on HE first! Then start pair procedure on the lock within 1 or 2 feet of the HE.

This should re pair the lock. Put lock or HE in final resting place and start a z-wave repair. I reccomend putting in a repeater as close to the lock as you can get it.


For future individuals (and future me) can you remind us how to identify a guest in the z-wave status page. Is it a device entry that has an empty Clusters column?

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Yeah and no route

And remember when you are powering off the hub, make sure there is no power at the lock so the radio resets and when disconnecting the device there is no ping

Howd it work out?

I need to get my head around a "ghost".

From what I can tell from the settings/zwave/details page the lock looks the same as all the others. Only exception being the response column, as the darn thing will not respond back any longer; pic below. NOTE: I have not removed it again, yet.

Do I search for the "ghost" after I unpair?

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What driver is it using? That said, remove it and follow my directions above.

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