Schlage BE469 zwave and Google home

Lock is working fine withe generic z-wave driver in HE, Google Home is working fine with other devices. When I add the lock in the Google app it disappears, " If you include a device that isn't compatible with Google Home it will just be ignored and not sent to Google Home."

Is this the case it is not supported?

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Locks are not supported on Google Home right now. The Google Home integration is only supporting bulbs and switches as of today.

I've tried a few workarounds, but as of yet, I can't get anything beyond bulbs and switches to show up in GH.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will wait patiently....

Is it possible to use something like a virtual device to fool google? Or maybe IFTTT?

Yes, you can set up a virtual switch to control that. However, remember that GH doesn't have any type of Pin control. There is a reason you can't open Garage doors or unlock locks on GH. Somone could just yell through your window to unlock the front door and BOOM, they're in. Anyone who knows what you call the virtual switch you would basically be handing them keys to your house.