Schlage BE469 Need to Double Request

I am having an issue with my two Schlage BE469 locks, both Z-Wave plus versions.
For some reason, I need to submit any request to the locks twice in order to actually get the door to lock or unlock.
For awhile now, I have been using some code for a lock down that ensures the doors lock by just repeating the request until it happens - but this becomes impractical when I just want to lock or unlock one of the doors.
My question breaks down into two parts:
1.) Is there a configuration step I am missing to make these locks work together? The closet lock is about 6 feet away, so I have doubts about it being a connection issue.
I've also tried Z-Wave repair and excluding/re-adding the locks, but the issue still persists.
2.) Is there a better way to code a virtual button then to say "if real door unlocks, unlock virtual button", and "if virtual door unlocks, unlock real door", then repeat for lock state? I see that being, at the very least, four rules per door/button combo, which seems overkill.

I have to do the same thing. I use node red to lock them in the evening and I have a repeat built in if the lock doesn't respond to the first request... Just got tired of fighting city hall and built this work around.

A lot of us use this app to do what I believe might help your situation: [Release] Reliable Locks


Thanks so much Craigspree! That seems to be the ticket, and has already saved me some double-clicks.