Schlage BE469 - how to get who unlocked the lock?

I swear I read (almost?) every topic containing a Schlage reference, but couldn't find an answer. I am trying to get either name of code or code id that was used to unlock the lock. I see that name makes it to the log (i.e., Lock was unlocked by PERSON), however, I can't find a property on the driver (schlage BE 468/BE469 Lock) to save my life. I'd use that property in RM (well, I'll use that in webCore, but since "it must not be named" around here, I'll say I'd use it with RM :smiley:)

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here is how I do it

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well, i'm not sure what %value% in that case means. Is it coming from a trigger - door lock? Or from HSM disarm command? I definitely don't want to disarm HSM when a lock is merely unlocked.

%value% is locked or unlocked

No. %value% is the name of the person assigned to the lock code used to unlock the lock.

So if lock code 1234 is is used to unlock the lock and it is assigned to John (%value%), the lock is named "Front Door Lock" (%device%) and the time is 09:30am (%time%), the above example will send an SMS saying "John unlocked Front Door Lock at 09:30am".

do you know which attribute of the lock device it is? When I am looking at the lock in devices I don't see any attributes that changes to the "person" value when the lock is unlocked.

Not quite sure what you are asking here. There is no person value or attribute. %value% comes from the name/person assigned to the lock code used to unlock the lock. %value% changes depending on which code is used. If Mike is assigned code, 1234 then %value% is Mike when that code is used. If Mary uses code 4321, then %value is Mary when that code is used.

my understanding is that %value% for RM is nothing more than some attribute of the device populated through an event trigger. So I am wondering what RM does to extract that value.

The unlock by code event is the trigger that changes %value%.

Check the logs for when a code is used to unlock a lock. It should show who unlocked it, by name (if assigned to the code), if a code was used.

You're not likely to be able to extract this in webcore, the data you're looking for is in the data attribute of the event, not the value attribute, additionally it may be encrypted (if you have that option enabled in the driver), in which case even if webcore can extract the data attribute, it wouldn't be able to decrypt it.

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