Scheduled Switch

My latest setup of an instance of Scheduled Switch never ran.

First of all, the following screen shot shows that on Jul 5 (this past Friday), I wanted to set the Switch to go on, on Jul 5.

Note: the Away switch (which is used in the restrictions, was off).
The following is a screen shot from the Events page which shows the app never ran:

The following is the app status page:

The following is from my past logs (which shows that it didn't run):

Any ideas why it was never run?
Could the latest upgrades have caused this app to not be scheduled?

It could have unscheduled them.

I would go into your next one and just hit save.
This should reschedule anything that is messed up.

I just tested with a new schedule on a virtual switch and it seemed to run ok for me

If resaving it works ok for this friday then I would resave all the others just to make sure.

Donโ€™t forget, after saving.. you should โ€˜toggleโ€™ the away switch so that the app knows what state it is in.