Schedule trigger from a calendar?


So now that my system is totally built out, programmed, and functioning, I am looking for ways to improve certain functions.

I would like to be able to create a trigger that turns virtual switches on and off from an apple or google calendar. For example, guests will be arriving at 9A and leaving at 6P, so turn on and off the guest mode switch at those times, but only when that event is on the calendar.

I realize this can be done in rule machine by setting triggers, but I don’t want to update a rule every-time, I want the calendar event to fire the rule.

Any thoughts?


Please check out my Google Calendar search solution:

The Google API bits are somewhat complex to setup but once done you shouldn’t have to mess with it again. My home is very automated by calendar entries.


Thank you! I will read into it, try it, and report back!

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