Scenes not listing all switches in

I was trying to add a virtual switch "Do Not Disturb" to an old scene and the switch was not listed in the switches for the scene.

But if I go the the "Switch to disable Scene" List the switch is there.

And Do not disturb is a new switch I just added after updating to

Also if I create a new scene it is able to see the do not disturb switch. But I don't want to have to recreate all my scenes.

Try clicking Done and then going back into the scene. Do you see it then? I don't use a lot of Groups and Scenes child apps, but I noticed this when editing a group lately trying to include a new device I just added (refreshing was not enough). Also, I'm assuming you're aware that the device will only show up in one list, the one that maximizes its capabilities.

Thanks that did the trick.