Scenes imported to Room Lighting and new scenes exhibiting unexpected behavior

This post pertains to the latest system.
I've noticed that sometimes the "Active" labels next to my scenes don't seem to behave properly. For example, the scene called "Master Bed ALL LIGHTS OFF" says it's active even though there are clearly lights on. Sometimes, the labels are contradictory, for example I might see both the "ALL LIGHTS ON" scene and the "ALL LIGHTS OFF" scene both active at the same time, which is obviously impossible. I've made sure to check the box that says "display according to table layout" and it properly shows up and a scene.

Another issue I have is that my "OFF" scenes don't turn the lights off light they should. The lights will flash off, and then come back on.

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Please post the app setup page for one that doesn't work. Also, check out the options for Indicator on the Activation Options page.

I've attached two pages. One is the Rule telling the button to turn off the lights via Room Lighting scene. I've also attached the Room Lighting setup page as well.

Here's the thing thats weird. The problematic room is the Master Bedroom. Turn ALL LIGHTS OFF will 99% of the time flash the lights off and then back on. However, if it seems if I try two or three times, eventually it will consistently turn the lights off as intended. But then when I go back later and try again, it's back to flashing the lights off and then turning them right back on.

The REALLY odd part is, if I forgo the scene entirely and just tell the button to manually turn off all the lights individually, I get the same behavior.

My office uses an identical set of rules and scenes, and they behave properly every time. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I deleted both button rules AND Room Lighting scenes, rebuilt them, and the same behavior with the master bedroom lights.

For the record, both rooms use a Zooz button device to control two or three Kasa plugs each.

Also for the record, both rooms functioned properly in the past. It wasn't until upgrading to V2.3.3 a couple of days ago that this began in the Master Bedroom. On all previous software this problem didn't seem to manifest.

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Oddly enough, things seem to have mostly smoothed out in regards to both of these issues. Could it have been some sort of cache or database cleaning or something that needed to happen after the change from to

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