Scenes Import as Switches - Alexa?

Just confirming that this is correct. For some reason all of my scenes created in HE are being labled as switches in Alexa app. I suppose it doesn't really affect the function of the scene unless there are conflicting names between a device and a scene that would confuse Alexa when asked to carry a command. It also kind of makes your devices page busy when looking through the Alexa app a d may confuse the wife if she's looking through it.
Anyway to get them labeled correctly or is this just something we have to deal with?

When you create a hubitat scene, a virtual switch is automatically created so that the scene can be activated by other hubitat automations when that virtual switch is turned on. That switch can be available to Alexa as well, and that’s probably what you’re seeing in the app.

AFAIK, Hubitat scenes aren’t directly supported in the Alexa skill. Other skills like Lutron or Hue do allow Alexa to see their scenes, so it might be possible in the future.

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