Scene set up

I'm a recent transplant from ST to Hubitat. I've converted 80 devices of which the majority are GE/Jasco dimmers, Switches and plugs. As I'm evolving into Hubitat I've set up my first scene. One thing I don't understand is why I get a (Not Set) notice next to the listing of my scene. What does it mean and how do I get it set?....Thanks.

"Not Set" means that Hubitat does not currently think that scene is activated i.e., that the state of your current bulbs/dimmers/switches does not match what is set (configured) in the scene. I rarely find this information of use, but perhaps others do. It does not mean the scene is not configured, which I think is wording that confuses a lot of people. Hopefully that's all the information you're after!


I have a scene for my outdoor lighting. It is activated at Night, either by time or by darkness. During the day, that scene will have the "(Not Set)" indication next to it in the console. Now (it's night here) it has "(On)".