Scene problem. Not all lights work every time

I have a scenes where a random light or two does not respond. It is truly random. Most lights respond but an occasional 1 or 2 do not. I transitioned from Vera and it would keep trying until all the lights turned on or off as the scene demanded. Sometimes it took up to a minute but the scene always finished. It seems that Hubitat gives one command and that’s it. Is this correct? It is very frustrating and I wish my Vera did not die. I have tried Zwave repair several times to no avail. All switches are direct to Hubitat or 1 jump.

My system is all Zwave plus switches. Two companies Aeotec and Leviton. Plus 1 kwikset lock. No sensors. Both Aeotec and Leviton are randomly not controlled.

Any help would be appreciated.

A couple of things to check. I assume based on your random comment the same lights do not have trouble every time? Do the devices respond correctly if turned on and off from the device page itself? If it's not always the same devices and they respond correctly from the devices page there are a couple of scene configurations that might help. Try turning off optimization and turning on metering.

If the devices are not responding when turned on and off manually, a zwave mesh issue might be at play. If this is the case can you post a screen shot of your zwave details page?