Scene issue with RGBW led light strips

I have a rule that if a button is pressed at my office door the led light strips behind my monitors turn green or if someone opens an outside door they turn red and after 5 seconds they return to the previous state which is set by a scene with motion (different color temperature based on mode). After the latest update they are not returning to the previous state because the device current state is not updating if I use CT on the scene. I did a test scene from scratch where I set the leds to a color and can see the current states on the device reflect correctly. If I change it to CT with a color temperature the current states on the device doesn't reflect correctly. So the rule is capturing the last time the leds were either green or red because the scene although it's changing the leds it's not updating the current state on the device. Below is the rule, the scene which is activated, and the device current state so you can see it's not reflecting the correct state (colorMode should be CT and colorName should be Skylight). No errors in the logs.