Scene is Not Set

I think I ran into the same general issue years ago when I first got my HE, but I've decided to try and tackle it again. I can't seem to get scenes to show activated consistently and it's causing some havoc with indications on my scene control panel. I would really appreciate some insight into what might be going on.

From what I can see the scene should be activated, but right at the end of the logs the indicator turns off anyway. Sometimes (not often) when I click activate scene again several+ minutes later it will show the scene is on, but I would think any delta states would show in the parenthesis after the scene state which are obviously not shown.

Scene before clicking Activate Scene:

Scene after clicking Activate Scene and waiting for a few seconds:

Log activity on the scene itself:

And when activating a few minutes later:

With correlating "Scene is On":

I diffed the app details pre and post capture (with no other changes in between), and I'm seeing things like this. It appears that it's checking device states that don't apparently have anything to do with the visible real world operation of the device and not activating the scene if there are differences between the captured state and current state.

Here is the screenshot from the scene from my previous post. It appears that all of the true/false flag issues are on Hue bulbs connected via bridge.

Here is another example (pre-re-capture and post) from another scene with a similar issue. If the expected state of the switch is off, does it compare dimmer values? If so, why?

1002={set=false, name=Living Room Overhead, CM=null, switchState=off, dimmerValue=10}
1002={set=true, name=Living Room Overhead, CM=null, switchState=off, dimmerValue=40}

I am positive this is what the core of the problem is. I played around with the Home scene some more and see this when diffing the captured device values. Note that the bulb is in CT mode and the colorTempValue values are identical, but the ColorHValue and satValue values are different even though they aren't relevant in CT mode. Is Scene activation predicated upon all device values being identical even if they are not relevant to the mode the device is in? I don't think it's wise to send parameter changes that aren't relevant to the mode the device is in, but maybe that's a fix that could work.

278={set=false, satValue=33, colorTempValue=3195, name=Master Hall Light, CM=CT, colorHValue=#FFF2AB, switchState=on, dimmerValue=100, hueValue=14}
278={set=true, satValue=99, colorTempValue=3195, name=Master Hall Light, CM=CT, colorHValue=#FF033F, switchState=on, dimmerValue=100, hueValue=96}

I haven't tested this exact scenario, but it's possible you're on to something.

But Groups and Scenes, while still available (and while it will continue to work as-is) is unlikely to receive any future development, with Room Lighting being the replacement. This app can handle creating things like "groups" and "scenes," plus motion lighting or really any number of ways to "activate" and "turn off" lights based on events besides motion. A number of users have thoroughly tested this app, including use of its "indicator" feature, and it will likely work better.

You can import your existing Scene into Room Lighting without needing to re-create it. It will be "paused" by default and your existing Scene still active; if you end up liking this setup, make sure the RL instance is un-paused and your existing Scene is removed after its activator device is swapped out for the RL activator in any apps you might care about its use in.

Finally, this is generally just a display issue, and actual device behavior shouldn't be affected. If there's not a reason you're really depending on this state, it shouldn't matter; if there is, there might be another way to do what you're doing. Someone might have more ideas if you share what the goal is.

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Thank you @bertabcd1234! I had no idea that Room Lighting was even a thing and didn't know that Groups and Scenes was deprecated. I'll see if I can replicate the scenes in the new app and will report back if there is a persistent issue.

This is the problem with creating an otherwise bulletproof automation set. It works perfectly 99% of the time, so it's hard to keep up with new features sometimes.

Note that since you can "import" scenes into RL, the effort involved with replicating anything you already have should be minimal:

Screenshot of import feature

You were correct. That was an easy transition over. I have a minor issue with some devices not responding fast enough for the activator to stay activated, but I can work with that. The issue I was having with scenes is completely gone.