Samsung washing machine

I have a Samsung washing machine that connects to Wi-fi and can be controlled in the SmartThings app without a ST hub being needed. Is there a way of getting the washing machine to appear in HE?

There is no "native" integration that I'm aware of, but HubConnect will probably work. (You will need to keep at least your ST account for this, but you probably won't really need the hub online.) So would IFTTT, though the free version of that is more limited now than when I've seen that option recommended in the past.

I don’t have a ST hub the machine just exists in the ST app so not sure this would work?

Technically, HubConnect 2.0 should work without an actual ST hub (and I'd recommend 2.0 anyway since 1.x doesn't work with the "new" ST app that is all you can really use at this point). But I haven't tried that setup so can't speak to how it works.

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