Samsung ST - Motion Sensor / Button / Multipurpose Sensor

Hi All

I have just received my first three devices in the post. They are a Motion Sensor, Button and Multipurpose Sensor all from Samsung ST.

I understand that none of these are repeaters as they are battery powered, so realise that I should have perhaps purchases some smart plugs for the wall outlet first. Therefore I am now reluctant to proceed with activating these devices until I first get some Smart Wall Plugs (which I have just order from Samsung and should be with me in the next day or two).

Question is, does it make sense to wait for the smart plugs before attempting to activate these sensors/button?

Secondly, what drivers or apps do I need to install on the HE before activating these ST devices?

This really depends on how far away from the hub you plan to use the sensors. If your starting close to the hub, your fine to add them now.

Those devices should all install with default drivers. You do not need any special driver, or app to activate them.

Depending on what you plan to do with them, you may want to look at the Rule Machine, or Motion Lighting apps.


Here is my opinion. One of the problems with having an unstable ZigBee mesh is that your battery devices may not be able to reach the hub and when that happens, they will keep trying and trying and deplete their batteries in record time. I would wait for the smart plugs or order some replacement batteries when you order the powered units. I have 5 ST buttons and 6 of the multi sensors repeating through an ST outlet and multiple Ikea Tradfri outlets. They are rock solid on the mesh and the batteries last. You can try to use them now but watch the battery level. If it drops really fast, I would pull the batteries and wait until the powered units show up. Also, I recommend the Device Watchdog App to check the activity of your battery devices. When I installed my first multi sensor on my garage door (was using ST at the time) without any powered Zigbee repeaters, it constantly lost contact with the hub and ate the battery in less than a week.

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