Samsung or Pixel for hubitat

Ive been with Samsung for years (S22) and may jump to Pixel 8

Not sure if this matters but i figured to ask. Which manufacture....Samsung or Pixel works well with Hubitat?
Is there such a thing?

Sorry no iOS..

Thankyou in advance

Pixel is the "pure" Android and that's what our Android developers primarily use.



I used to use mid-range phones, but having only 1 software update and work options needed to always be on no more than one OS version back I decided to suck it up and pay for the Pixel 7 pro when the 8 was announced. Got 35% off the price on Amazon which was great. I did realize that things that were broken on the old phone just worked on the Pixel. Don't know if it's something Motorola did since they are also "pure" Android with a few bells added but my thoughts are that app developers really test on the hero brands Pixel and Samsung and everything else is a bug report where they may get to it.

With the Hubitat app notifications would work when the app was first set up and then a week later notifications stopped. I found through Reddit that some carriers Moto's had installed a task killer named system optimizer. Which couldn't be disabled. The folks at Google have stated that task killers are no longer needed and cause all sorts of unusual behavior. Carriers install these things to stop complaints about slow phones and lack of battery endurance in cheaper phones.

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As my tears fall on an old Moto G Power running Android 11. It is a bit of a consolation knowing that I can wipe those tears with the extra $100 bills in my pocket, but I still feel the pain.

I use the display out way too much on my Samsung phones to go with a Pixel.

Pixels don't support display out on the USB-C for AR glasses or desktop modes. Really the only 'major' phone model that doesn't these days... Pretty lame. The Pixel 8 hardware is capable of it, and Google disabled it in the kernel.

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Yes Google wants to sell Chrome Casting. That is why it's disabled.

I have 4 re-purposed Moto G's over the years into text to speech devices. None of them have hit the landfills and they don't phone home to the Google mothership for updates etc.

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It doesn't matter what-so-ever. I've used the Hubitat app on various Samsung phones as well as a Pixel 6 (my current device). They all worked the same.


The last Samsung phone I had got an update that caused it to more aggressively kill background apps in a way I could not disable. This affected lots of apps, but was a pain for those that reported geopresence (such as both Hubitat and the SmartThings apps).

Between that and all the crap Samsung installs on their phones (that is a PITA to disable), I've given up on Samsung phones. I've got the Pixel and it's IMHO a far better experience.


Sounds like i will give Pixel a try...... bye Bye samsung

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Ive been debating back and forth on this subject for awhile now. I have been pretty locked in with samsung for years. Watches, earbuds and phones. But the thought of this pure android experience on pixel has had me interested for a minute now.

I would be curious to hear your experience if you wouldnt mind giving some comparisons after youve run it through the paces.

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I've been using Samsung Galaxy phones since the S7 Edge.

I'm used to the Samsung way, but the Pixel 8 Pro is appealing to me.

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Been a pixel owner for a while, never any issues with hubitat app and love the phones

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The only thing I found difficult to do with the Pixel is disabling a lot of the Google things that I don't use. For example, during setup they really push Google 1 and if you don't pay for Google storage etc there is no need for that app. It's a crap shoot of what you will break when disabling the uninstallable apps. For example, Gboard keyboard, never used it and wont once I found out that it sends your keystrokes to google. If I disabled it my work's MDM solution doesn't work because they built it around Gboard.

Every once in a while I get disgusted with all of them and revert back to a flip phone. The smart phone is becoming more and more necessary though. I'm thinking of something like Uber or Lyft, where I don't think there is even a web interface. Hubitat, however, will continue to faithfully crank along on its own.

In the past I've owned a number of Pixel phones (used a Pixel 7 Pro until I decided AR glasses were important enough to me to switch back). I like them/they are fine (with the exception of the no display out over USB already mentioned).

That said, there are a number of things/conveniences in Samsung's One UI I actually like/miss when I'm on Pixels. All soft things/preferences of course.

While I like 'pure' android experience OK, it is really missing a number of quality of life items that the 3rd parties have added over the years.

Except the keyboard... I find Google's keyboard vastly superior to Samsung's. Annoys me greatly that I can't use gboard on my work profile because of how they built it.

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